Monday, 14 October 2013

Self Reflection : Groping in the Dark. ~ by Ali Mirza

Temporal vicissitudes adorn,
life's indelible impressions besiege,
At times all you do is scorn,
while the innerverse can only seethe.

Plunging horrors! A myriad of abysses delving within,
insuperable thunder birthing beams for absurd progressions,
The quest for substance! A mere tautological whim?
unbridled quandaries with seamless obsessions.

Hollow labels exemplify a self deceptive monstrosity,
an evidently delusional and chimerical existence,
But live on, oh Humankind! with a Sisyphean tenacity,
sectioning thy fellow beings while harboring indifference.


  1. Everytime I read you I know what my writing amiss....that clarity of thought mixed with that vocabulary of a professional. Once I used to write that way, you inspire me to write that way again.

    Your thought, your style and your words often leave me so need to start writing more often...loved it :)